Day 15

Read: Ephesians 2:1-10

Key Verses: Eph 2:1-3

Thoughts: We already know how to worship. Its built into our DNA. We have spent are entire lives worshiping people and things with our time, money, focus, and energy. Now, ALL of that belongs to God, but that doesn’t mean we will give it all, or any of it, to Him.

Have you given God your time, money, focus, and energy this week? Does your life now point to you worshiping something other than God?

Quote: “People worship idols – money, whatever. Their humanness gets reshaped around the idol – you become like what you worship. That’s one of the basic spiritual laws.” – N. T. Wright

Prayer: God, please forgive me for worshiping anything other than You with my time, money, focus, and energy. Help me to trust You and worship You with it all. Please lead me into radical, intimate encounters with You this week!