Day 22

Read: 2 Samuel 6:1-23

Key Verses: 2 Sam 6:6-7

Thoughts: The Ark was a physical representation of the presence of God, which makes this a great chapter to learn about worship from! The first thing we about God’s presence is that it, and He, are holy. So many times we go into a time of worship never really having thought about how holy God is and not having spent the time to prepare our hearts to encounter Him. We, like Uzzah, carelessly try to reach out and touch God without humbly coming before Him with the honor His holiness deserves.

Because of the grace of God, its easy to lose our reverence in worship. But we need to understand that we serve a holy God, and though He is gracious enough to let us fallen people come touch His presence, He does not let the proud. We must humble ourselves and realize what a great honor and privilege we have!

Have you taken the time to focus in on God prior to a worship opportunity and to get in sync with His holiness? Do you think that you give the presence of God the honor He deserves?

Quote: “But what is fear, this fear of the Lord? It is the affectionate reverence, by which the child of God bends himself humbly and carefully to his father’s law.” – Charles Bridges

Worship Practice: Before your next opportunity to worship, find a place to kneel down and pray. There, humble yourself, confess your sin, and ask for God’s help in worshiping Him.

Today’s Prayer: God, please forgive me for ever forgetting how holy you are and ever treating Your presence as commonplace. Help me to humble myself in worship and honor You the way you deserve. Please lead me into radical, intimate encounters with You this week!