Read: John 4
Key Verses: John 4:23-24
Thought: Here Jesus makes a pivotal statement about worship. We are to worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH. Let’s look at the Spirit aspect. What does it mean to worship in the Spirit? It means to be in the flow of what the Holy Spirit is doing and to have your worship actually guided and empowered by the Holy Sprit! One great way to do this is to pray or sing in tongues.

How often does your worship time, both at home and at Church, actually seem in tune and empowered by the Holy Spirit?

Quote: “Worship must be – Christ centered, Holy Spirit led, a Response to the Father, about Intimacy and Service and always lead to Transformation!” – Tim Hughes

Prayer: God, please forgive me for ever trying to worship without the assistance and guidance of Your Holy Spirit. Please teach me to rely on Him to worship at the level you deserve. Please lead me into radical, intimate encounters with You this week!