In our last post we read ‭I Kings‬ ‭19‬:‭9-14‬ and talked about how Elijah knew their were other prophets, but because they didn’t do things like he did, he devalued them. Read more on that here…
Here is the second lesson we can learn from ‭I Kings‬ ‭19‬:‭9-14‬. Elijah devalued the other prophets because he believed in fire, wind, earthquake ministry. He thought that if God was really speaking to you, that you’d be some kind of big deal like he was, not some lowly ‘prophet’ hiding in cave!
Last post we talked about how Elijah devalued others because of this and how we should not do the same. But sometimes we do the same thing in reverse. Sometimes we devalue ourselves because we aren’t fire, wind, earthquake kind of people. Here we find the real point of what God was trying to teach Elijah and what He wants to teach us as well.
Yes, God speaks through a still, small voice at times. But, more importantly, God speaks through still, small people.
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Until we understand this, we are apt to miss the voice of God speaking to us through others and, if we do my value ourselves, we may miss God speaking to and through us directly.
God loves to do big things through small people. The Bible has loads of examples of this. David was just a shepherd. Elisha was just a farmer. Four of the disciples were just fishermen. Another a government employee.
God still uses small people today. One of the greatest healing ministries in North America came through a man named Smith Wigglesworth. Wigglesworth was just a plumber, but God used him to do some amazing things.

If you are a small person and often feel insignificant, know this: God wants to speak to you and through you to reach others. Your still small voice is just thing He is looking for to communicate His love to others.

If you’re a big person who believes God created to change the world, you’re right… You will. But only if you’ll to seek out and value the voice of God in the small people in your life.
Chime in: What dreams have you been believing you were too small to accomplish? Who do you have around you that God could use you to speak to? Who are the small people on your life who you need to seek out and listen to the voice of God coming through them?