Go read Matthew 14:22-33 real quick… Even if you already have… we’ll wait…

What if Peter had said, “Really, Jesus? I was kidding… It’s scary out there!”

How often do we pray prayers asking God to use us or speak to us or do a miracle, and then, when we get the opportunity, we shrink away in fear!

Boat faith is no faith.

Big Idea: Step two of living a life of great faith is taking risky steps of obedience

Faith is spelled RISK – Bill Johnson

If you pray for 10 people, how many will get healed? 5… 0… All of them… Who knows!

If you pray for 0 people, how many will get healed? 0…

Boat faith “waits” on God. Miracle faith asks for the opportunity to do the impossible and then steps out into risky waters

People who don’t try the impossible will never see the miraculous!

What if I fail? Bad news: you will. Good news: not every time!

Stepping out in faith gets easier the more you do it!

You sit in a chair with no problem, right? You believe it will hold you each time, so you don’t even hesitate! Faith is always difficult the first time, but the more you see God’s faithfulness, the easier it is to step out in faith the next time!

REMEMBER Step 1: Ask God for the impossible by being faithful in what is possible! Small steps of faith open the door to big ones. DON’T SKIP THIS!

Challenge: Ask God for the opportunity to step out in great faith. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to step out in great faith. Obey and step out when God opens the door! If nothing happens… Try again! Keep praying and keep stepping out in faith!