Go read Matthew 14:22-33 real quick… we’ll wait…

This is an incredible story… we will spend the next 3 posts talking about it… and the one point that will stand out huge in all our minds is this:
Boat faith is no faith.

Have you ever felt like the the winds of life were… Contrary? Ever felt like they were working against you? Like everything seemed harder than it needed to be and nothing was going in your favor?

We have all been through, and will go through, difficult times… Contrary winds.

If you’re going to live a life of faith, you’re first going to have to learn how to deal with difficult situations. If you don’t have the faith to get through your own storms, it will be difficult to help others through theirs!

Big Idea: The only way to really deal with difficult situations is to get alone with God.

Having consistent alone time with god will prepare you for any storm that comes your way!

Here are some things that are NOT the answer:

1) Church
– Church can give you push you need, but one day of victory can not replace consistency.

2) Friends
– They can be a source of encouragement, but they won’t be your source of ultimite victory. And if they are your source of temporary victory, there’s a good chance your victory will exit your life if and when they do.

3) Family
– We often put hope in our families, and when they fail we become bitter and stop trusting. But that is a lot of wait to put on someone.

There is only one permanent solution to life’s storms: get alone with God!

In verses 22-23, we see Jesus doing just that. His alone time with God was what prepared Him to face the storm. Getting alone with God will do the same for you.

Challenge: Get alone with God. Make one hour this week where you are completely alone with Him! Play some worship music, talk & listen, read your Bible…

How do you make time for God? When, where, what do you do when you pray?