Read Numbers 7… or at least part of it… its a list of 12 people each doing the same thing. There’s a lot of this in the Old Testament. Most of the time, the repetition is centered around one goal: Anointing.

Often we think that one encounter with God or one heroic act of faith is what leads to anointing… but when God wanted to anoint the altar were generations would bring their sacrifices looking for forgiveness, He chose to do the same thing over and over.

Big Idea: Real Annointing comes from how we decide to live our lives on a daily, consistent basis.


Look through the Bible at the kind of people God chose
– Gideon threshed wheat (he was no coward by the way… he was risking his life to feed his family) – Judges 6:11-16
– David herded sheep… Day in and day out… with no recognition until Samuel came to…ANOINT HIM!
– Jesus spent 30 years as a son of a man who was a carpenter, just doing life, while knowing He was the Son of God. No miracles, no sermons, just consistency.

Now, don’t over think this. A simple, consistent change to your daily life could make all the difference. Your daily life should include:
– Bible Reading
– Personal Prayer time
– Worship

You may also include on a daily or weekly basis:
– Intercession
– Scripture Memory
– Family Prayer
– Giving
– Serving

This simple. Think doable. Think Consistency.

Challenge: Write out what you think your daily, consistent life with God should look like. Discuss this with a spouse or friend, make a plan on how to get there, and ask them to keep you accountable.

What are some other things that could/should be part of our routines? What are some ways your help yourself or others stay consistent?