Thanks for joining us on this journey of building a consistent habit of reading our Bibles every day. The Bible reading plan we are using this year can be found here: One Year Bible or here on the Bible app. As always, if you miss a day, don’t feel compelled to go back and catch up. Just skip it and start back on today’s date. I am reading the NLT this year, but feel free to use whatever version you prefer. Now here are some thoughts from today’s readings:

Both the Old and New Testaments start off showing the story of a man. The first man is Adam. The one man from whom all of sin entered mankind. The next man is Jesus (sometimes called the second Adam or last Adam). Through this man all of sin was defeated.

Let these verses excite you today. Reading the Bible through is a long journey with ups and downs, but along the way there will be some riveting stories. Many times, you are going to here someone’s situation and think to yourself, “I can relate!” And you can.

This is not a history book, though it does contain some very accurate history. No, this is a love story. The story of a God who not only made us on day 6, but remade us by sending his own Son. That’s the story we are engaging in. So when you read of wars, and death, and judgment, think this way: wow, God went through all of this just so He could love me.